Let’s Meet

If we just spend 30 minutes, I can help you with RegisterRenters.  

Voter Registration focused on renters has been proven effective since 2004 to produce results for progressive candidates.  

  1. Since 2000, multiple studies demonstrate renters will  vote for progressives by at least a 30% margin, WHEN THEY ARE REGISTERED.
  2. With other research, newly registered voters have proven to turn out at 85%.
  3. The RegisterRenters model costs only ten cents per contact, with a cost of $1 to $2 per new voter.
  4. RegisterRenters is very volunteer-friendly, so  your volunteers will recruit their friends and family to help your campaign, and they will work hard to turn out your voters.

Let’s see if we can help you mobilize volunteers and renters.  If we talk tomorrow, you can get started registering renters next week.  Please book your appointment now.