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We Must Re-Elect Senator Doug Jones

 How many renters are probably unregistered in Alabama?  According to the US Census, there are nearly 5 million citizens in Maine, and over 3,609,000 of whom are over 18 and eligible to vote.  Since 31.4.% of the population in Alabama are renters, that means over 1.1 million eligible voters are renters, and past census figures have shown only 50% of renters are registered, then over half a million unregistered renters may account for a big part of the 1.8 million Alabamans who did not vote in 2018.

Why should I start a program today?  There is very little time to register voters in Alabama.  The deadline for registrations in Alabama is Monday, October 19 and there at least 1.3 million eligible Alabama voters who need to be registered before the next election.  If you want to see the full details on the program, click here for our handbook.  However, the following is more information about voter registration in Maine that you might find useful, especially if you have good social media resources.  If you want to get lots of people started right now, please embed the link to this page in your Facebook page, send a Tweet, an Instagram post or any other favorite media.  Or you can simply use the links on this page.

Can renters register online in Alabama?  Although the process is a little intimidating, the fastest way to register is to go to the Alabama Secretary of State voter registration website.     However, about 20% of homes in Alabama do not have web connections, and this probably applies to many of the unregistered voters who are renters.  Again, this year all voter registrations, including re-registrations for those who have moved, must be completed by Monday, October 19.

Mail in ballots in Alabama? 

Q.  Given COVID19, can Arizona citizens request a mail in, or “absentee”, ballot online in Alabamah? 

A.  An eligible voter must be registered to vote In the county in which the request is made.  I assume one would also need to have an accurate current address, so an address change might be necessary.  You can click on this direct website link HERE

Should I start an official VRD (voter registration drive)?  There are some differences between RegisterRenters and a regulated VRD.  Well funded campaigns may prefer to use volunteers or hire solicitors, where legal, and train them to help voters complete an official voter registration form, which some states permit the solicitor to retain and deliver to the official voter registration site.  This enables the solicitor to be paid for each registration, where this is legal.  It also enables the campaign to make a photocopy of the voter’s registration form, where this is legal.  However, most official voter registration drives rely on person-to-person contact—difficult with Covid19.  They also usually mandate significant training, and involve substantial fines for any failures, including failure to deliver every voter registration form on time.  In all, the cost per registration might be at least $10, all in, or $69 in the official Florida drive, while RegisterRenters is a usually a dollar a vote—A fraction of regulated drives, and without direct contact, so it is safer with COVID19.   The link to the most current guidelines for official Voter Registration Drives can be found HERE.

Where are the main concentrations of unregistered voters in Alabama?  Almost the residents, and probably most of the renters, live in  the five metropolitan districts of Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, but Auburn and Decatur are also important.  Other college towns are important, too.  And Alabama has important rural counties where African-Americans constitute a large group that has been traditionally discouraged from registering to vote. has not ignored the potential unregistered voters in rural areas, but the costs per voter can be much higher, and the proportion of progressive voters in some rural counties has traditionally been lower.  This is not to mean does not value these voters, but they must be targeted in local campaigns. began with a very successful focus on local campaigns for legislative candidates in Colorado.  Since inception in 2004, we have helped win, sustain and increase majorities in both houses, even though our efforts have been declining as the has become stronger, the SenateMajorityProject has become successful, and we have elected a very progressive Governor. 

If you support or similar organizations on the local level, you will see your rural areas increasingly represented by caring, progressive candidates and office holders in your legislatures, your counties, cities and school districts.  But it takes time and commitment.  We can only hope we have the time.

How can we learn more about Doug Jones, the Senate candidate?   Having good candidates is the most important element of politics.  If we had more candidates like Senator Jones, we would certainly have a better country.  You can find his site here:

Doug Jones for Senate

By clicking on the site, you can learn about Senator Jones, his positions, his past, and how you can help.  While you are on his site, we encourage you to volunteer, to make a contribution, and to link him to your social media.