Seven States Targeted for Registering Renters

RegisterRenters Thinks This Is The Best Plan to Flip our US Senate

We are announcing a focus on registering voter in seven states for a new, more progressive majority in the US Senate. But we need your help.

While RegisterRenters does not coordinate with any candidate’s campaign or party, we are targeting four winnable southern states, two western states, and Maine in order to help overturn the Republican majority in the US Senate with independent, courageous and progressive Democrats. Six states would kick out Republicans who have held these seats, while our support in Georgia is to retain Senator Doug Jones.

If the Democratic Party defeats Trump in November but falls short in winning a majority in the US Senate, Republicans will continue to deadlock our government.  None of the policies favored by a vast majority of the American people will be enacted, leading to a debacle in the 2022 House races and the possible return of a Republican president in 2024.  If this happens, the long-term plan of the ultra conservatives and their like-minded, anarchist allies in the white militias and in Russia’s Kremlin will advance toward the destruction of America’s constitutional democracy.

Winning the Presidency without winning the Senate will lead to disaster.  At least that is our most pessimistic prediction—and we are usually optimistic.  So this year, with your help, RegisterRenters will initially focus on supporting Senate races in seven states—Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine and South Carolina.  Polls show that there are other states “in play” as well, and the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee has recently announced it is targeting a total of 14 states as “winnable.”  The additional states include Montana, North Carolina, Alaska, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, Iowa.  If we have success developing organizations in our first seven states, you may be able to help us expand  activities to at least some of these additional states soon. Meanwhile, with the exception of our home state, Colorado, these are not easy races. That is why we advocate putting our efforts here while the DSCC funnels money into states where the polls show a better chance. But remember, all of our seven seats are winnable, with your help.

Here is a brief rundown of our logic in selecting our first seven states.  For more analysis of the opportunities in each state, click on the link imbedded in the name of the state.

  • Arizona, like Colorado, is a western state with “changing demographics”—expanding urban areas, a more youthful, tech-savvy and progressive population, and suburbs that are moving away from the reactionary policies of Trump’s republic party.  All you need to do is look at the Arizona 2018 election results: HERE.  While the Democratic nominee, Mark Kelly, may be able to win at a walk, there are huge numbers of voters who may be unregistered in a state that imposes serious restrictions on voter registration, and there is a large, untapped renter community in Arizona’s urban areas. 
  • Colorado has been trending Democratic for several election cycles.  Unfortunately, six years ago, Colorado’s sterling Senator, Mark Udall, lost to an upstart Colorado legislator who has become a Trump lapdog.  While there was an active primary in Colorado, the popular ex-governor, John Hickenlooper, won big.  While Colorado has the nation’s most progressive voter registration and same-day voting system, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO RECEIVE A MAIL-IN BALLOT, so voter registration, especially of highly mobile renters, is crucial.
  • Maine is a critical state selected by RegisterRenters as a test.  Certainly, it is a Northeastern state that should go Democratic in a wave election, but it is also the most rural state in our mix and has a strong incumbent..  Rural states mean fewer unregistered voters, especially in multi-family housing.  However, there are still large numbers of highly mobile voters who need to be registered, and who will be likely to vote against the incumbent and for Sara Guideon, a very strong candidate.  We will need to have people on the ground in Maine to help us develop a viable strategy for this very rural state.  But defeating Senator Collins is a big priority for local progressives.
  • Kentucky and South Carolina:  Who can pass up the chance to be involved in states where Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham can be replaced.  These two “always Trumpers” from the “lynching south” could be helped to leave office.  If McConnell and Graham remain in office while progressives win the Senate, McConnell will lead the minority in an attach on majority rule and the destruction of America’s Democracy.  Defeating Graham, “Trump’s enabler in chief” at the same time is also important.  This will carry a message throughout the nation that the era of Trump, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Rush Limbaugh and the NRA is DEAD, and the South is once again part of the Union.  While Democrats should not discount the fiscal part of the conservative philosophy, we must emasculate the “anti-liberal” movement, which keeps us from protecting our most important values with the social and political change required to create a strong, progressive nation that again deserves to lead progressive change throughout the world.
  • Georgia is a special case in the South.  Because of Atlanta and the active Black southern movement in alliance with liberal white southerners, Georgia looks like the Southern version of Colorado—a long-time red Republican stronghold that is converting to a purple state with a strong tendency to become blue.  Georgians have the chance for two Senate seats  To fail to activate the Democratic majority in this state would be a sin—and the loss of a huge opportunity to turn the South around.  At the same time, Georgia’s Republican Party has already demonstrated the lengths to which they will go to suppress the vote of everyone in liberal, mixed-race and especially black communities.  One way to overcome suppression is with a vigorous voter-registration program like RegisterRenters.
Where change can start
Wilcox County, GA, where change can start.
  • Alabama is a state that may seem unwinnable, so it represents the ultimate of our principle of “take the fight to the enemy.”  No, Alabama is not our enemy, but racism, voter suppression and white violence is certainly our enemy!!!  And saving the Senate seat of Doug Jones is certainly important to Alabamans.  Senator Jones, while perhaps being more conservative than we might like, is certainly more courageous than most of us.  And my bet is he represents a much more progressive South than most of us can appreciate without living his experiences.  Let’s face it, many of us have “limousine liberals” in our past, and Jones is definitely not one of those, nor is he a “plantation Democrat.”  If you can do anything to help Senator Jones win a second term, you would be crazy not to try.

OK, that’s seven states. 

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